Overview Managed by experienced chartered accountants & tax consultants

Our team is backed by experienced chartered accountants, financial advisors and tax consultants aiming to render quality professional services to clients across India and abroad.

Our Assurance, Audit and Attestation services are aimed at assisting stakeholders who could either be money lenders or investors. Moreover, these facilities aid the organisations seeking to expand to international financial markets.
Management Consulting involves helping a business institution enhance their performance, by analyzing the current problems and creating a strategy for development. Organisations may require the services of consultants for varied reasons.
We at SKP assists non residents in starting, growing, expanding, diversifying and in case required, closing businesses in India. We provide consultancy services to non-residents and young entrepreneurs to plan and execute their business set-up process smoothly.
GST Law and Custom Tax Law are broadly based on transactions and liability will arise regardless of profitability. With overall indirect tax rates ranging between 17 to 28 percent based on the nature of goods.
Attitudes to tax are changing. Tax decisions are under scrutiny like never before. Organizations, from small,  middle market to multinationals, are ever more exposed to changing trends in corporate groups tax regulations.
Different business entities have legal compliances to be made considering the structure adopted by them to carry out their business. The requirements of compliance range from one-time, periodical to continuous.